Posted by: Katie | February 22, 2014

the cow says ‘boo’

Well, in John-speak cows say boo. Or cows are boos. It’s kind of interchangeable for him. At first we laughed that they were ghost cows, but now we accept that cows just boo in John’s little world.

But for me, cows say, “Eat mor chikn!” As in, go to Chick-fil-A. Ignore your diet! Eat chicken! Actually, CFA has some pretty decent lunch/dinner options for those counting calories, but breakfast not so much…

And that sucks for me, because one of our “family things” is Chick-fil-A every Saturday morning. I love that we have “things” that we can do as a family, that the boys count on. Expect. I know from experience that you can have a full and rich childhood without a bunch of “things” but I also know how happy my boys are when Saturday rolls around. Or Monday night. Or Sunday night. We have things then too.

So every Saturday, the man of the house gets to sleep in (& anyone else that can, does), then we load up – into “daddy vroom” if John gets his way – and drive off. We’ve pretty well settled into ‘our’ orders. And we chow down. I can’t lie, my family’s food always looks a lot better than mine. It’s for the greater good though. :sigh:

Of course, it’s not just the food that’s a draw. The boys LOVE the playground. They’re in there right now while I’m typing this up. I love that they can have a guaranteed energy-ridder, even if it’s rainy. So I’ll happily sit here looking like one of ‘those’ people on my phone.

someone doesn't like his picture taken while eating

someone doesn’t like his picture taken while eating

someone else is pretty used to it!

someone else is pretty used to it!


Posted by: Katie | February 17, 2014

what’s cookin good lookin?

I have a love-hate relationship with my crock pot. Ha, I lie. I have a tolerate-hate relationship with my crock pot. I keep pulling it out and trying recipes (from cookbooks, from Pinterest, from friends), and I keep being taunted all day long (ALL day long!!) with yummy smells, only to wind up having a giant jumble of ugly and not-much-better-tasting crap for my efforts. But hope springs eternal… one day I will master the art of slow cooking in crockery.

Today was going to be a practice day. It’s Monday, which means Family Dinner Night, or FDN as we ‘say’ in text (we have lots of acronyms, acronyms are fun). That means my little family will be getting together with our bestest of friends for a bunch of eating, games, singing, and chuckling at the toddlers. 3 families, every Monday. 2 men, 3 women, 3 “big kids” and 2 toddlers. Needless to say, it takes a LOT of food to keep this brood from going hungry… well, it just so happens that I had a giant hunk of pork loin in my deep freezer. I pulled it out last night, but it was still frozen almost solid this morning. My friend H (tonight’s hostess and freakin’ amazing cook) asked if I planned on doing the cooking or if she needed to grab the meat. “Nah, I got this!” I replied. “Uh, how should I do this?”* I replied again, almost before text 1 went through.

Enter: the dreaded crock pot.

Except, guess what? This 3 pound hunk of meat didn’t fit in either of my crock pots. Wahhh! Now what? “Stick it in the oven on low,” the cooking guru tells me. “Toss in some rub or sauce, a splash of vinegar, and cover it up, and let it cook on low all day.” So that’s how I’ve come to be laying in bed at almost 11am (don’t judge, I’ve been up and active and productive since 7, I’m taking a rest!), starting to faintly be able to smell roasting meat. It’s stronger the closer you get to the kitchen, and the more I smell it, the hungrier I get.

All this means when Michael gets home, I’ll be loading a super hot Dutch oven into the car & heading out, hoping that I’ve managed to make something edible. As much as I’d LOVE pizza, I’d rather it be because we chose from the get-go to have it… not “oh snap the weakest kitchen link screwed up dinner what do we do?”


*conversations are paraphrased!

Posted by: Katie | February 13, 2014

new year, new me, new blogging?

It’s been pretty much 18 months since I last posted. A LOT has happened in that time. Baby J has doubled his age, for one thing. Jerry hit double digits & is almost done with elementary school. Michael switched stores but still works his heiny off {not that I expect any less of him}. I think about getting a job all the time. But I can’t seem to make that leap. One day. When we can’t pay bills.

We’ve gone on trips galore (mostly to Disney, of course, but a couple New Orleans treks have happened too).

I started running. It sucks. People that LIKE running are insane. But it is addictive… and while I don’t care for running, I absolutely LOVE the races. So I’m back at it, after months off. To be able to rock the races.

My mom got married. Boy, no one saw that coming way back when… but she’s happy now so it’s all good.

Of course there’s so much more but 1) I’m on my iPad and having trouble with WordPress mobile & 2) John is leaning up against my arm making it hard to type. So, IF I can get them to work I’ll toss in some pictures and call it a day.

color run fun - early in the running fever

color run fun – early in the running fever

site seeing with mah man & bestie in beautiful NOLA

site seeing with mah man & bestie in beautiful NOLA

sheesh, they just don't stop growing do they?

sheesh, they just don’t stop growing do they?



Posted by: Katie | August 16, 2012

breakfast of champions

I woke up with the onset of a cold this morning. Stuffy nose, sore throat, sore eyeballs (& why do my eyes always hurt when I’m sick?), and a touch of nausea. Thanks, Jerry, for giving me love and a cold…

So, it turned out that the only food I could eat that didn’t make me want to hurl like after a frat party was Cheerios. Ah, wholesome, fun Cheerios. So after I let baby J nosh on some strawberries and grapes (for variety, kids need variety), I loaded up a couple bowls of Cheerios – one for each of us – and we trekked upstairs where I could lounge on the chair in John’s room in sick person misery and he could do pretty much whatever he wanted.


I was sitting there, eating my Cheerios from my bowl in my lap, when John brought his bowl over and set it down next to me. He then proceeded to scoop all of MY Cheerios from my bowl, and put them all in HIS bowl. He then took my empty bowl, placed it on the ground, and proceeded to scoop ALL of our Cheerios into MY bowl… and when he finished that little job, he cheerfully handed me HIS empty bowl, grabbed MY now full bowl, and booked it to his closet, where he ate, & ate, & ate…

At one point, he brought a handful of Cheerios to me, hand outstretched like he was taking pity on his poor, sick, hungry mother, but when I reached for them, he shoved them all in his mouth. Little piggy brat…

(gratuitous product review :: the gyro bowl sucks! i bought it because it looked cool, not because i believed for one second my kids wouldn’t be able to dump the contents… and i was right. sure, i can keep food in, even when holding it “sideways” by the handle – but a toddler is more skilled at mess-making than a mommy. so buy one if you like the looks, but expect to be cleaning up ((insert food of your choice)) for days to come)

Posted by: Katie | July 31, 2012

the nose knows

Sometimes, cliches are truth – such as, it’s the little things in life that make us happy… or proud of our kids.

John and I were playing, and he rolled around until he was flat on his back. Looking down at him, I saw a booger in his right nostril. I laughed and said, “Boy, you have a big ole booger in your nose!”

He almost immediately raised his left hand and stuck that little pointer finger right into his left nostril. I laughed again, and told him, “Wrong side silly!” (expecting that it was a fluke, a random coincidence that he would pick his nose at.that.moment)

So…. John pulled his finger out of his nostril, raised his RIGHT hand and shoved THAT pointer finger in his right nostril!

And the saddest part about all of this is even while I laughed at the icky nose picking (I am “picking” my battles and not fighting him on this one – yet), I was just so darned proud of my little boy, for knowing boogers are in noses, and what I meant by ‘wrong side’.

Posted by: Katie | June 1, 2012

by plane, train or automobile

Saturday morning, May 26, my mom, Jerry, John & I loaded up our carry-on bags and bummed a ride to the airport from our awesome neighbor. We were going to DISNEY, baby! I guess it all went pretty smooth through check-in and security (no lines! *gasp*), and then all that was left was finding me some coffee and waiting for the flight.

Although… on the way to our gate, I happened to look down at Jerry’s feet, and what did I see?


One sock. My 9 year old is a one-sock-wonder…
Me: Jerry, are you wearing only ONE sock?
Jerry: Yeah…
Me: WHY?!?!!
Jerry: Hey, you know what they say! One sock is better than none!

The flight (MEM to ATL) was very uneventful. Jerry played his DS when allowed, but put it away and pulled out a book when told to. John actually fell asleep right before take off, so I had some free time to sit and play Plants vs. Zombies (don’t judge – you have some silly little harmless addiction too!).

By the time we got to Atlanta, John was awake and just wanted to play. Unfortunately, he just needed to be confined. Magnetic drawing for the win!


My totally-gets-babies-&-kids-way-better-than-I sister-in-law got this neato toy for John’s baptism gift. He is in love. Seriously, this thing makes for hours of entertainment! So, John was entertained until we got settled at our gate (it was a 2 hour layover – blah!), then we released him and I followed the junior explorer.

Our flight from ATL to MCO wasn’t as uneventful – John stayed awake, and became quite violent (I have a pretty big bruise on my arm where he actually BIT me!), but never fussy or loud. So there’s that, at least. And at last, we were in Orlando, ready for Disney, and OH SO ready to be reunited with my dear, darling, amazing husband…

More to come… when I don’t have to hurry to get to the Magic Kingdom!

Posted by: Katie | May 25, 2012

don’t let the bedbugs bite

For anyone who has listened to me wail and whine and gnash my teeth over John’s abysmal sleep habits, you will be as pleasantly surprised as I have over the past couple of weeks… There have been nights we put John in his crib and he
1) stayed asleep going into the crib!!
2) stayed asleep in the crib longer than an hour!!!

Just last night, John slept for over SIX HOURS in his crib, before waking up and crying for us. The next couple of hours were spent safely with mommy and daddy.

Unfortunately, tonight, a night I have so many things to do, John is not feeling the sleep love. He spent less than 30 minutes in his crib before:


Over the next couple of hours, he thrashed about, curling up then sprawling about, rolling this way and that, until:


When he woke up (because a baby can’t get 6 solid hours of sleep every night, dontcha know?), it took some serious cuddles for baby J to get back to sleep… only for his to suddenly whimper, whimper, SCREAM-LIKE-CRAZY, whimper, whine. What can a baby possible have nightmares about? Unfortunately, possibly tiger girls. But that’s a different story…

Hopefully, I’m off to dreamland – and hopefully I don’t now have a goose egg to match John’s, seeing as he headbutted me rather forcefully during the nightmarish thrashing…

Posted by: Katie | January 6, 2012

always look on the bright side of life

John is almost 10 months old – just a few more days! And as I sit here, 15 minutes until midnight, holding him as he sleeps (to make certain he’s OUT and not gonna scream as he goes back to the crib), I’ve come to a shocking conclusion….

There IS a benefit to having a baby that wakes up all freakin’ night long!!! Yup! Thanks to John’s inherent distaste for a solid 10 (hell, I’d take a solid 5), I no longer have to worry that my orders will expire in Restaurant Story, Fashion Story, & Bakery Story!


That means I can do a 2 hour cupcake, and it won’t expire! Yeah… How lame can a mom get?

Posted by: Katie | December 2, 2011

are there support groups for this?

My mommy got a brand-spanking-new iPhone about a month ago. And immediately Michael & I took it and started adding apps. Facebook was first, then… Words With Friends. Digital Scrabble you can play anywhere, at any time. I started a game with Mom, I lazing about on the couch and her relaxing in the recliner about 2 feet away from me. After an hour or so of WWF gaming, Mom started complaining about how she wanted to go home.

“Why don’t you?” I asked.
“I want to be able to finish this game!” comes her reply.
“Mom. You can go home and still play. Hell, you can go home, ignore the game for a week, then make a move like the time never passed!”

That was then. Now, I get nagging texts reading “aren’t you going to finish? are you going to make a move?”

It’s official. My mommy is addicted to Words With Friends. See the evidence:



And, just cos it makes me smile:


Posted by: Katie | October 27, 2011

it wasn’t really THAT bad

Fall Break, the wonderful realm of vacation time! My mom, Jerry, John & I packed up and headed to Williamsburg, VA for a week. And I’m going to flat out say it: while vacation is fun, I am never, ever, ever going on vacation with my children but WITHOUT my husband ever again. I will take ALL my boys, and I will gladly leave all my boys, but never again will I take the kids solo. Its exhausting!

kiddos hanging out together watching the telly

I kept a little “note” on my phone of some highlights from the trip:

Friday: In the middle of Nowhere, TN Jerry decided he had to pee. With no rest area, exit into a town, or even safe shoulder to pull over on. Guess what folks? I’m now the proud mommy of a boy who has learned how to pee in a cup while we are driving down the interstate.

Saturday: This was the day of epic, mind-boggling diaper blowout #1. Seriously, I wanted to cry! We pulled into an Arby’s for lunch, and the best I could do was strip the baby at the car, and then bring him inside for the cleanup since it was super duper cold outside. Only… this Arby’s didn’t have a changing station. I hope they have a lot of Clorox, because that baby butt (and back, and stomach, and legs, and arms, and back-of-the-head) was wiped down on a table in the dining area. Gross? Yeah. But it had to be done.

baby poop is runny and spreads everywhere

Sunday: This was a big day. I had apple cinnamon Pop Tarts for breakfast (mmm), and for once in my life I actually heated them up. So who grabs it out of my hand? And gets piping hot, gooey, sticky Pop Tart filling all over HIS hand? Baby John. Poor boy was screaming in pain. And then, after we get all that dealt with -don’t worry, no permanent damage was done, he didn’t even blister- there was the little matter of yet another leaking, dripping runny poop diaper. After THAT was dealt with, we headed to Busch Gardens for some fun! Fun for everyone but the poor baby (its become a refrain): walking around with John in the carrier, I stopped under a tree to take mom’s purse so she and Jerry could ride the Loch Ness Monster. Guess what? Some sort of nut or something fell out of that tree and popped John by the eye. Black eye baby. But, on a happier note, it was there that Jerry lost another tooth. My big boy is an anti-vampire now!

he liked grossing me out with the dangling nerve - ICKY

Monday: Surprisingly, not much happened Monday.

Tuesday: After a long day at Colonial Williamsburg, we were hurrying to get to the bus stop and go back to the hotel. Mom was pushing John in his brand-spanking-new umbrella stroller, when all of a sudden he started screaming. The high-pitched, wailing, “I’m in serious pain” screaming. Pebbled had popped up and smacked him all over the face, bruising up his forehead. Poor baby – again!

Wednesday: Due to rain, all we did was eat and shop at the outlet mall. We got some fun loot and had Ben & Jerry’s. Mmm!

Thursday: Back at Colonial Williamsburg. Midafternoon John conked out in the onbu. Since Jerry and I weren’t interested in watching some reenactment going on that Mom wanted to see, I took the kiddos on a tour of a famous tavern. That place was actually my favorite part of C.W. There was so much awesome information! Unfortunately, when the tour was over and baby J woke up, I found a lovely surprise awaiting me in the onbu. Specifically, in the diaper on the baby in the onbu. Yes, ANOTHER massive blowout. And when its bad people, its BAD! I had the (non)pleasure of scooping poop out of my son’s bellybutton. And I hope to never do that again.

penguin on my back

Friday: We had planned on spending all day at Busch Gardens again. There were still roller coasters (hello, Apollo’s Chariot) that we hadn’t been on yet. But when we all got cleaned up, fed and ready to go, mom’s car wouldn’t start. The car that she made a special trip to the shop to make sure was in perfect condition for the trip. Yeah, so after a long wait, the car people show up but brought the wrong replacement battery! So, we get a jump and head to Toyota, spend a while there, and finally got on the road. The rest of the day was awesome. Rides, rides and more rides! But it did put a damper on the whole day 😦

So, that was our fun trip. And really, it WAS a fun trip! But… it was long and tempers got short. I wonder what’s going to happen Spring Break? Hopefully, it wont involve as much poop. I’m really sick of that sh*t.

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