Posted by: Katie | May 28, 2011

we saw silence

About 2 hours ago I saw my husband, son and mother off on their adventure – the fun, fun, fun 14-hour drive to Orlando! I was thanking my lucky stars that I wouldn’t be stuck in a car that long, even a nice car that I hope to “inherit” when Mom is done with it… and then I was thinking how quiet the house is without said husband and firstborn, and with baby John asleep… and then he woke up, and I just kept telling myself, “I managed to raise Jerry alone for 7 years, this is just the same!” I think John knew that his Jerry and his daddy are not in the house. Other than when he was actually in the tub, it was nonstop screaming. Screaming. A little bit more screaming. I think there might have been some howling in there too. Sigh. He’s asleep again, hopefully for the rest of the night. Which means its time for this mommy to finish her mini NCIS marathon and her evening coffee.

I miss my family…..


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