Posted by: Katie | June 1, 2011

its a small small world

I made it to day 5 before caving and begging Mom for her laptop… “I’m jonesing for a hit, Mommy! I needs my internets!” Disney might be the happiest place on earth, but that doesn’t mean everyone here is happy all the time. And this trip has really been full of some assholes jerks. Probably including me at times, haha!

Jerry has had a blast though. I even think John has been enjoying himself – as much as a baby can, anyway. His very first Disney ride ever in his life (not counting life in utero, of course!) was the Jungle Cruise, in Magic Kingdom. He wasn’t too impressed, but I have to admit I wasn’t either and that is my favorite ride in the whole entire world! However, I think we could have ridden “its a small world” all day long without getting off and John would have been happy. He just kept looking around and smiling the whole time!I am horribly sunburned. Not that that is a big surprise, since I burn every trip! Mom… I don’t know. She’s having fun, I hope! I don’t think my hubby is, so much. He had some pain the first few days, maybe a pulled muscle, that made walking pretty painful… and of course what do you do the most at Disney? Walk! (followed by eat, then ride rides)

I’ve got a camera full of pictures – and will be taking more before the trip is done – but don’t really feel like fooling with that tonight. Its bedtime!


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