Posted by: Katie | June 8, 2011

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’….

Yesterday, baby John turned 13 weeks old. Just over 3 months! Or about 3 months… I really hate that whole “weeks” vs. “date of the month” age conundrum. Weeks, he’s over 3 months. Date of the month, he just today turned 3 months. Big difference… but I digress.

Yesterday, John reached one of them big milestones that people talk about. He rolled over!

Please ignore the crazy mom’s baby talk commentary. At least I took out the part where I tell him how I’ll ignore the phone if anyone calls… because, actually, that is the second time he rolled over yesterday. I was filming him with my brand new iPhone (thanks honey!) when my mom called. Turns out, answering the call stopped the filming. So I had to wait til we hung up, and hope he did it again.

And yes, all day long – when we weren’t snuggled up asleep, as we are both under the weather – he’s been a rollin’ fool.


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