Posted by: Katie | June 12, 2011

only my peanut butter is crunchy

John is taking a nap. My mom is taking a nap. Jerry is not taking a nap, but he is all stretched out playing his Nintendo. I want to take a nap, but as I know that as soon as my eyes drift shut, John will wake up. It isn’t really worth even trying.

Instead, I’m feeding addictions: mine, and my mom’s. First, my mom is addicted to shopping. Window shopping, mall shopping, online shopping, it doesn’t matter. She just likes to buy stuff, which is okay in my book because (a) its her money – duh, (b) she is finally at a place where financially she can do that, and (3) she buys me stuff when she can’t think of something to buy herself. I have many, many addictions, but my latest is cloth diapering. CD. Fluff. Sorry, I can’t do that last one.

See, one of my closest friends in the whole entire world has been a cloth diapering momma for about 2 years, so I knew while I was still pregnant that I wanted to at least try it out. While Johnny-boy was still in the womb, I bought my first 3: a Charlie Banana one size pocket diaper, and a 2-pack of size small FuzziBunz. After the umbilical cord fell off, my adventures began. At first I would just do 1 or 2 diapers a day. Then all 3 in one day, but not do laundry right away. Eventually, I realized I prefer cloth, and that I needed more. I branched out, and have now tried every style of cloth diaper available, although far from every brand. Hence, the double addictions. I still need want more, and would like to try some new brands. So, if I can get a shopping list complete, maybe mom will indulge… herself & me!

And for the record: using cloth diapers does NOT make you crunchy! Although I’m willing to bet it could be like marijuana – you know, a “gateway” drug.


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