Posted by: Katie | June 15, 2011

typhoid jerry

Okay, “Typhoid Jerry” is not quite accurate, because Typhoid Mary never showed any signs or symptoms of illness, but (allegedly) infected many others. My Jerry is not exactly the same, but very similar: he gets a cold, feels crummy for maybe a day, and then seems completely fine after that. However, in those 24 hours, I catch whatever it is that he had, and it hits me HARD! We’re talking incapacitated for days on end. And it seems that Typhoid Jerry has struck again.

Runny nose, check.

Stuffiness, check.

Headache, check.

Pink eye, check.

PINK EYE? I don’t know if I’ve ever had pink eye in my life! So, tomorrow I get to lug a snotty, clicking (seriously, as he breathes he makes a clicking noise), goopy baby & his completely healthy but right-now-annoying brother down to Midtown to see the doctor. Then, Friday, I get to get up arse-early in the morning to get said goopy baby and annoying big brother to Grammy’s, to go to East Memphis to drop off the car, to go to Midtown to see MY doctor. This is gonna be fun.

On top of all that, I, the can’t-plan-a-party-to-save-her-life girl, am in the midst of planning a birthday bash for my husband. How do I do that? Like, say you’re expecting 25 people to show up and you’ve promised hamburgers and hot dogs. How do you know how many of each to get? What about supply logistics? Its been so rainy, what if the heavens open up and we can’t be outside? What then? I hate planning and being in charge!

–I also hate that I have become Grandma Smolenski. Seriously, that lady didn’t know how to do anything but complain, and I really think I’ve turned into her. I *will* become a positive person again, I promise! Just not today…


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