Posted by: Katie | June 17, 2011

happy (early) birthday to you!

In just 2 short hours, my husband turns 28. Wow, we’ve known each other 10 years! Sometimes it feels like an eternity, and sometimes I feel like we just met yesterday (though that would be interesting to explain, since we have an 8-year-old, haha!).


I do really love this picture, no matter that he looks all "Why do you have to take my picture?"


Anyway, tomorrow is his birthday, and a birthday party to boot. Kinda nervous about that – all these people are coming to my messy house?! Yikes! I hope everyone has good insurance or access to HazMat suits… Although we’ve been cleaning since the middle of last week.

Mom, Jerry and I got Michael an awesome present that I hope he thinks is awesome too. And baby J gave Daddy a present too: Daddy got to see baby J rolling over like a fool. Which I really, really wish we had caught on film, because his diaper came unsnapped on one side and was flapping around. It was hilarious (and perfect blackmail material for when he turns into a sullen teenager!).

Oh well. Happy birthday, love of my life!



  1. Happy birthday Michael!

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