Posted by: Katie | June 23, 2011

shhh, its a secret

Well, I wanted to do a post about familial resemblance, since so many people (hey, Bing!) comment about how much baby J looks like big brother J… but integral to my topic would be photographic proof, and it turns out my printer/copier/scanner wont even let you SCAN without ink… even though scanning a picture in no way shape or form takes a friggin’ DROP of ink! Plus, I still can’t find any of the bazillion birth-to-6-month pictures of Jerry I should have, and I’ve currently lost the 6-months-&-up pictures that I did know the location of. I did find some super cute pictures of super cute baby me! Though I felt a little less cute when I was showing Michael, and he refused to believe that one of them was me.

“No! No, honey, that’s not you! That’s Jerry! That can’t be you, that’s JERRY!”

Anyway, so I can’t do a post about familial resemblance (“oh really? what is all that crap above then?!”). So instead, I’m going to admit to my current dirty little secret:

As all 3 people who read this know, I recently became the proud owner of an iPhone. And one of the things the iPhone has going for it would be all the neato apps. And I found one from the Bump (from the Knot), called Baby Buzz. It has a few categories of standard questions & answers, and then a “411” section. A little online and on-app forum where you can ask and answer questions. And I’m such a freakin’ nerd that I have this on my phone, and I’m on it pretty frequently, especially when feeding baby J. So then I have to wonder, what silly stupid things do other people do that quite frankly would be embarrassing to admit? Because we all have those things!

No, there isn’t really any point to any of this, I’m just bored…



  1. I can’t admit to any of my dirty little secrets 😉

  2. Okay, here’s my dirty little secret, I watch The Bachelorette on Hulu when I can’t sleep, teehee!

  3. I don’t believe I said “Tell me your secrets,” but rather “I wonder what secrets people have” lol!

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