Posted by: Katie | June 30, 2011

teeter-totter, see-saw

Its been an up and down kind of day. Sometimes John can be the sweetest baby on the face of the planet, and sometimes he just wont stop howling (yeah, I know, I know, that’s every baby! but it still isn’t fun when its yours). He’s sleeping now, poor boy.

Passed out John

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but my mom’s dog has heartworms. Since its my job to feed the stupid mutt, it is now also my job to medicate the stupid dog. He did not want to take his medicine this morning. He did not want to take his medicine to the point that he refused to eat:

1. dry dog food

2. canned dog food

3. dog biscuits

4. peanut butter

5. cheese

This is huge, because that stupid mutt usually eats any- and everything. So that was a pain in the arse too.

On a really, really good note, the reimbursement check from the obstetrician came today. Woohoo! Of course, they wrote it to “Kathyrn” instead of “Kathryn” but that’s all good. It still means that I can now pay the hospital. That sure does make me happy.

Also in the mail was some new fluff… nope, sorry, still can’t call it that. But some new diapers came. I’m in the process of selling all the diapers that I don’t like as much so I can have a stash of just my favorites. So… I had to get some more of my favorites. Hahaha, my hubby puts up with so much. Poor man. He has to live with this… you people don’t have to even read about it!

And one final thing: speaking of goodies coming in the mail, don’t forget that my birthday is this coming Tuesday! Yes, that’s right, July 5! If you’re wondering what to get me, I’ve already mentioned Diaper Junction gift certificates and Target gift cards. I’d also like to throw out there ThinkGeek gift certificates, because ThinkGeek is just awesome.


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