Posted by: Katie | July 5, 2011

frere jacque, frere jacque, dormez-vous?

Its my birthday! Yay! 27 long years, although I usually forget the actual number and have been known to tell people anything from 25 to 29 (I know I’m not 30 yet, at least!).

The celebration started yesterday, with a yummy breakfast prepared by the most awesome mommy in the world! I love blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup – all made from scratch. Oh, its so good! Then, we bundled up and headed to our friends for a lunch. Potluck, and I didn’t bring anything. I blame it on John, although really it was John and I’m lazy. Shhh, don’t tell the anti-crunchy lady! Then, awesome mommy came to dinner rescue with some spinach quiche. I love spinach quiche almost as much as blueberry pancakes.

So, we get to today. The 5th. My actual real birthday (born about 8:00am Eastern time, July 5, 1984). The presents started from when I woke up. Seriously, I woke up on my own, not to an alarm, a baby crying, or a child going “Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM!” John slept in enough that I was able to sleep in! Yay! Okay, I was up at 7:30, and he was up at 7:40, but still. It was a present from the youngest member of the family. And other than the incredible crankiness that is John lately, it was a great lazy morning. Some laundry actually was done today, mostly because I really love the scent of this new detergent I got. And when Michael got home, I got to take a nap! With my Sterling snuggle-kitty. This is actually how I woke up:

sterling is such a snuggle-kitty!

That’s also how I woke up almost every morning while I was prego. He likes to cuddle!

For more photographic joy – yes, mostly because my phone is still new enough that I enjoy playing with it haha – here are pictures of the boys right after I got my loot. Err, presents. That’s what I meant, presents!

games trump mommy, even on mommy's birthday

"look ma! i found my feet! happy birthday!"

Hmmm, something tells me I just messed up those pictures, somehow. Hope everything looks fine when I hit “publish” but somehow I really think it wont. Oops. Happy birthday to me!


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