Posted by: Katie | July 7, 2011

c’mon baby, momma wants to get lucky

We’re back at it again folks. Queen of cheap is entering a giveaway, and talking about it right here gives me extra chances to win! So, you have a choice: skip this post or hear about a diaper. You’ve been warned.

I have a few favorite diapers brands, and one of them is Thirsties. I like a few different styles from pretty much each of my favorite brands. One of my staples for overnight has been the Duo Fab Fitted Diaper, paired with a Duo Wrap. Unfortunately, my chunky baby is getting chunkier by the day, and those size 1s just don’t fit anymore. Leak city! So until the diapers I have ordered arrive (today- thank goodness for timely birthdays hahaha), John’s in those leftover Disney Luvs.

But! On to the giveaway. Thirsties does a Thursday Giveaway, and the Thirsties Thursday Giveaway #6 is for 2 Duo Fab Fitted Diapers. Which I really want to win. Because I love, love, love these diapers, but I wont lie. They aren’t exactly the cheapest diapers in my stash.

And there. Just for you reading all this, I get to go put 5 extra entries in the giveaway. Thanks!

Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diaper in Ocean Blue (disclaimer: this image was taken without permission from the Thirsties website. if asked, I will immediately remove it)



  1. *cough* crunchy. *cough*

    I ❤ that chunky baby!!

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