Posted by: Katie | July 11, 2011

turn that frown upside down

My little baby is growing up! Today we went to the pediatrician for his 4 month check-up. Wow, 4 months. Of course, that pales in comparison to 8 years, but still! FOUR MONTHS! Where is the time going?

Well, of course the visit started with the standard taking-of-the-measurements. Actually, back up, rewind. It started with the battle of “No, according to my insurance there is no co-pay for well child exams. Look, I actually read my EOBs, and it says I owe the provider nothing. Yes, nothing. That’s why when we came for pink eye, we had a CREDIT on the account! Look it up.” THEN we got to the measuring.

Here come some stats:

24.5 in. –  Pretty much right at 50%, which isn’t surprising to anyone, now is it?

15 lb. 7 oz. – 75%, or 50%

Of course, the percentile he’s in depends on whose chart you use. According to the AAP, John is in the 75% for weight by age. However, those charts are based on formula fed babies. The WHO created their own chart after about a decade of research, a chart based on babies who are exclusively fed breast milk (on the boob or in a bottle – just no formula). Since I’ve been lucky enough with baby #2 to be able to breast feed, I personally use the WHO charts. And that puts John smack-dab in the 50%. Perfect!

We also found out that John has a touch of eczema on his belly. And the fact that he only wants to sleep on his tummy now is fine (but I knew that… which is why I haven’t freaked about the fact that he’s been tummy-sleeping for a month). Oh, and we got the green light for baby food. But that opens up a whole new can jar of worms. See, baby food is expensive, and I am cheap. I could make the puree, but c’mon. I’m even lazier than I am cheap. Enter: Baby Led Weaning. Basically, is says skip the puree. I still think we’ll be waiting a bit though. Maybe.

After all the talking and looking at, John got his shots. I’m so proud of my boy! The first shot he kind of opened his eyes wide, all “What was that?!” and screamed after the needle was withdrawn. Stopped almost immediately though. Second shot, he cried while be jabbed, then stopped. After a nap in the car and a nip at the boob when we got home, he’s back to his normal, playful self. Dear God in Heaven, please let that last!

oscar the grouch always was my favorite



  1. Wow, baby lead weaning? You secret hippy, you. I read a little something about it, but kinda want to know more. Next time we chat I want to hear the deets. You know, for the next kid. No, I am not pregnant.

  2. I spelled led incorrectly…opps!

  3. That’s right 🙂 We have to wean these babies off all that lead hahaha

    OMG can’t WAIT for Grayson’s party. Is it time yet?!?!

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