Posted by: Katie | July 22, 2011

oops i did it again

Well, again with a new baby. And thinking it over, this probably isn’t the best blog post to write RIGHT after the photo I tried to post back around 8:00 FINALLY posted… so disclaimer: the photo of Jerry and John on the couch that is up on Facebook was taken yesterday evening, back around 6:00pm. Nothing to do with what follows:

It’s been a crappy week for Jerry. For a few reasons, most of which are personal and shan’t be told so as not to embarrass him. But then today, as we were about to head into Millington for some lunch, I set John down on the couch next to Jerry and asked him to watch the baby as I went to the bathroom to brush my hair.

Guess what happened.

That’s right, baby met floor. And Jerry was devastated. I mean, he looked like he wanted the floor to open up and suck him down to Hell. He was convinced he killed or maimed baby J. It took longer to calm Jerry than it did to soothe John. In fact, it was only when John started smiling at Jerry and reaching for him that Jerry stopped crying.

My poor babies.


Baby J sure looks damaged, huh?



  1. Aww, poor Jerry. If it makes him feel better, let him know that both my girls fell off a couch or something when they were babies, and they are completely normal. Well, ok, anything lacking in normal is not based on the fall.

    Hope getting to play with the girls made his week a *wee* bit brighter… they sure had fun with him!

  2. Tell Jerry from Becky and I that we know he is a good boy and that he would have stopped John from falling if he could. We love them both and miss them.

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