Posted by: Katie | July 25, 2011

nature red in tooth and claw

Yesterday {July 24, 2011} was a fairly important day in the life of baby J. Yesterday was the day that his first sharp little tooth began poking its sharp little edge out from his beautiful, smooth gums. None of us were too terribly impressed with this turn of events. I’m not thrilled about being bitten with teeth (not that I liked being bitten with gums either). Jerry wasn’t too thrilled with the fussiness. Michael was not too thrilled with the slobber – drool city! And baby J wasn’t too thrilled with the pain:

mommy make it stop hurting


Normally baby J wakes up around 6:30… sometimes he will get up about 5:30, eat, and then go back to sleep until  7:30 (I like those days!). So yesterday, he was up at 5:30, but didn’t go back to sleep til about 6:30. He then slept until almost 9:00 (how awesome, right?!). The fun ended there *sniff sniff* John decided the pain was too much, and that he needed to spread the wealth. So no sleep! Seriously, he took a 15 minute catnap around 3:00 in the afternoon. Woke up sobbing – again.

So, after a few hours of constant crying (after nursing, changing, cuddling, rocking, walking, medicating, etc), mommy gave up trying to soothe the baby and decided to take a few more pictures. You know, to chronicle the tears.

i said please make it stop hurting... it still hurts


Daddy came home shortly thereafter. After his snuggles, cuddles, rockings and walkings didn’t work, he said, “Well, how about a car ride? That should make him fall asleep, right?” Great idea, Daddy-O! And it worked, because Michael is just awesome like that! Around 6:00, baby J fell asleep in the car. Michael drove around until about 6:30, then brought John back home. Blissful sleep! How beautiful it is!

asleep in the car seat


Of course, that sleep lasted maybe 5 minutes in the still quiet of the house. So then it was time to break out the sling and indulge in a little baby-wearing. I’m turning into a huge hippie, which I always said I wouldn’t do(!!), but in this case it was totally worth it! Pop that teething boy in that sling, and away we go! Mild fussiness, then back to peaceful calm:

sling snuggles make everything all better


And that was all she wrote. John fell asleep around 8:00, woke up at 9:00 to eat, and then went down for the night. It was a really long day… But so far, for the hour he’s been awake today, John seems to be much happier… Good thing, cos when Mom gets here, we load up for the 6-7 car ride down to NOLA. Oh, joy…..


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