Posted by: Katie | July 27, 2011

singing in the rain

(let me start by saying im doing this via the wordpress app for iphone & dont necessarily know what im doing lol – might be screwed 6 ways to sunday!)

Baby J has decided that he doesn’t like vacation. I say this because he does things like: we put him down about 8:30 last night (only 30-45 minutes early) because he had not napped all day, and was exhausted. Then at 11:30 he decided to give his peacefully sleeping mommy a heart attack by waking up screaming. Full out “I just had my left leg chopped off” pained shrieking. Totally fine, but it scared me! What scared me more was thinking he had dislocated his shoulder (as some can attest, J-dog & I suffered from nursemaids elbow as infants). He was fine though! Got him back to sleep by 12:30. Then he woke up at 5:45. God, child, do you hate your mommy? I can’t WAIT for my husband to get here!

Well, around 9:30 we were all finally up, showered & ready to head out. Pierre Antoine, mmm! Except it was pouring. Not drizzling, not raining, but pouring.


So we walked to the Quarter in the rain. Mom and J-dog had umbrellas, but I was drenched. Utterly soaked. Good thing 1) the walk isn’t too bad – I have a lousy sense of judgement and distance, but it can’t be MORE than a mile from our hotel to the Quarter, if that – & 2) those omelets are so worth it!



And for dinner we went to Commander’s Palace! Mmm, it was good! Of course, to get there we had to walk – in heels! Carrying a baby! In a long dress (which is a problem as my thighs have expanded to the point of pain when they rub against each other – I need bike shorts if I’m gonna keep wearing dresses)! Mom had some shrimp thing. Jerry had a steak, but it was the “kids meal” steak, thus about 3-4oz. He said it was tasty, but kept complaining that the “baby steak” was “too small” hahaha! And I had an orgasm on a plate… err… cheese-stuffed fried rabbit. Omigosh this thing was soooo good I almost wept tears of joy! And then it was followed by Bananas Foster. It totally made up for the lack of sleep, downpour, walking in heels…




Back at the hotel, I put baby J on the bed, took off his diaper and went to get a clean one, plus jammies. Turned back around and he had scooted backwards to the edge of the bed and was literally going over the edge that very second. I sprinted across the room and dove to catch him. Caught him! No falling for the baby, THANK GOD! But I now have rug burn BAD on my knee, a bit down my shin, and bad on my ankle.

Worth it though!


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