Posted by: Katie | August 7, 2011


After a vacation hiatus of blogging (hey, I threw at least one in there while actually down in NOLA – my smexy iPhone is so cool that there is an app to blog with!), I’m back.

With another one of those those “I’m so cheap and I want free stuff” blog posts…

The very first cloth diaper I ever bought was a white, one-size Charlie Banana. Now, Charlie Banana’s are cool diapers. They fit great, they don’t leak, very trim… and the company is awesome too! It is physically located in China, which immediately turns some people away, but they chose that location for a reason. To promote good work ethic, to lower a carbon footprint. That’s pretty neat now-a-days where everyone just wants to make a buck.

So, Mommy and Me Giveaways is hosting a Charlie Banana giveaway that I’m seriously desperate to win! Go check it out, and send some magic winning dust my way đŸ™‚

sage green charlie banana diaper


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