Posted by: Katie | August 8, 2011

the painted ponies go up and down

on the road again - coming home

So, we’ve been back for a week. Getting back in the routine of things, cleaning house (we kind of left it a mess), finishing up (okay, starting) back to school shopping… So much seems to be going on!

back to school babywearing 🙂 he's totally "c'mon, seriously, the camera again? lady, you're obsessed"

baby j, jerry and davey

I’m a bit sad. That’s my bestest friend’s little boy in the back seat, far right. They just packed up and moved down somewhere in bum-f*ck Mississippi. Left me. How could she?! Okay, so Lisa is going to college, to get a great job, support herself and her son, further her education, all that crap. But she left me! Grumble.

saturday, i had the whole day to myself! only had to see the boys if i wanted to (or baby j needed to eat)!it was AWESOME

In much happier news, baby J is sitting up great now. He’s been trying for months, started being able to for a few moments at a time a while back, and now he can sit and play. Its definitely too cute!

playing with blocks in his awesome tiger diaper

It kind of makes me sad that I’m so damned lazy, though. I never really wrote down any of Jerry’s milestones. I didn’t keep his teeth. I think I might have a lock of hair from his first haircut somewhere, but probably not. Hell, I can’t even remember how long he was at birth (Michael keeps telling me, and I keep forgetting). So, of course, if 8 years ago I had had an outlet like this, I might remember when he sat up, or got his first tooth, or rolled over, or whatever. Oh well, sorry firstborn. Mommy lives and learns!

I’m able to sit here and type this up, speaking of firstborn, because baby J is napping, and Jerry is… dun dun dun… AT SCHOOL! Yes folks, here in good ole Shelby County we start classes back up August 8. So my baby who isn’t a baby anymore got on that bright yellow bus and went off to 3rd grade. Can you blame me for feeling a bit old? THIRD GRADE!

crappy picture - he was so excited he wanted to take a "dramatic picture"


I think today I’m not gonna do jack-shyte. Sit around with the baby, maybe read while he naps. I’ll get back to trying to be a good housewife tomorrow.


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