Posted by: Katie | September 7, 2011

catbirdbaby – how can i not love it?

Sometimes I get in a… hmm… habit? no, no… fix? nope, not that… routine? oh well, I’ll think of a word later!). Sometimes I compulsively enter giveaways over and over, to the full extent allowed, as long as I can… then I stop. No giveaways, no blogs, nothing. And then we start again. So! Here we go again:

Mommy and Me Giveaways is hosting a whole SLEW of giveaways (some of which I’ve entered and NOT WON!). And right now they have this kick-ass mei tei giveaway going on.

mei tei

I want it. I was told to “stop being a wussy” by a baby-wearing expert, and stop relying on buckles and snaps to hold my baby up… which is hard for me. I have these awesome friends who (even if they hopefully had coupons or found it on sale) spent a ton of money to buy me a Moby wrap, and I couldn’t do it. Never ONCE did I get that boy in there securely and comfortably. So I’ve been stuck with the suck-ass Infantino (I don’t like the Infantino Flip – free review from a non-expert), and my Munchkin sling. The sling is pretty cool, but using only one shoulder it does eventually hurt.

Sorry! All this rambling basically boils down to – you guessed it – an extra entry into the giveaway for yours truly.

And maybe, just maybe… I wont need to win.






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