Posted by: Katie | September 9, 2011

six of one, half dozen of the other

a few weeks ago - love this picture

dude... im awesome

I want to be all maudlin, and sniffle and cry about how my baby boy is becoming a big boy because he is SIX MONTHS OLD now (yes, for 6 months -and a day- the world has seen baby J’s beautiful face)… but it sure is hard to look at John and call him such a big boy when all I have to do is turn my head a bit more and see my 8 year old -really- big boy.

big and small

Nahhh, its not that hard. My baby is half-way done with being a baby! (((big gulping sobs)))

Okay, got that over with! Yesterday was John’s 6 month date, his “half birthday,” whatever you want to call it. Since I was holding out for the real solids, as opposed to the mushed up (fake? hahaha) solids, yesterday was baby J’s first real, honest-to-goodness MEAL! As opposed to a nibble here and a taste there of some yummy goodness — such as mango. Mmm, I have one of them in the kitchen! Me want mango now — Well… Yesterday baby J got to eat, sitting in the high chair, at the table with all the big people. Toasted cheese, num num! And it was a big hit, he didn’t want to give it up. At the time, I wasn’t so sure he was even eating ANY of it (I thought he was just gumming it up and spitting out the big hunks), but with the massive amounts of wheat bread flecks I’m finding in his diapers: yes, he ate the toasted cheese. I really wish we had pictures, but alas. Bad mommy strikes again.


Today, he got to go to the doctor and get jabbed with some needles. First, they did the measurements. My big boy is pretty darn big! He’s a great 16 pounds & 10 ounces. Which means he’s actually dropped down a bit, to under the 50%. Considered the state of his CHUNKER thunder thighs, I don’t really think I need to worry that this means he is wasting away! Being the bad mommy that I am, I completely didn’t ask how long he is, or head circumference or anything like that. So we’ll pretend he’s totally average for all that.

still waitin'

Then came the needles. 2 shots, 1 thigh. The first one went in, his eyes got real big. The second one went in, and John started crying. For about 5 seconds. Then he was all snuggles again. I’m so proud of him! And he has a cool Sesame Street band-aid to help make it all better!

oscar rocks!

And thus, we wind up at home just hangin’ out… waiting for Daddy to get home! Then comes the J-man! If mommy gets really bored, she’ll take more pictures & video of mr. mobile and do some more blogging…

come here, you!

i wanna sink my teeth into a good book



  1. He’s getting so big! Wish I could have seen y’all while I was in town but Davey is *still* sick! I’m hoping he’s better by Monday because I really can’t miss any more classes! My Fall Break is October 19-23. Will you be in town then?

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