Posted by: Katie | September 27, 2011

extra, extra, read all the rambles

I haven’t really been blogging – almost 20 days since last I let you into my world. That’s okay, if you’re important enough you probably already know what’s been going on in my world!

Things have actually been kind of crazy around here. We’ve had some troubles with the firstborn – temper, temper! Jealousy is an ugly beast, but I think we’ve pounded it into his thick skull that we do love him, and we are proud of him! Check this awesomeness out:

yup - that's a better than perfect score

i was winning most of the game, then he kicked my arse

So, in other news: I’ve been cooking lately. Not really very well, and not particularly healthy things… or things that my husband particularly likes, either. But, amazing man that he is, he eats it anyway. Without making vomit faces. And tells me how great it is, and how much he loves me. Seriously, the man deserves an Oscar.

lady & sons chicken

stuffed cabbage rolls on a sauerkraut bed

I finally remembered to snap a few pictures of baby J eating. He looooves apples! He could just chew, and chew, and gnaw all day long on apples.

which one?! they both look sooo good!

nom, nom, nom

Of course, he hasn’t just had apples. Toasted cheese is still a favorite, as are zucchini, mango, broccoli, and (don’t judge me, I promise I do make him eat healthy – see previous listings!!!) Chick-fil-A french fries. We only did it once, so we could eat in peace. And I wont do it again… for a while… but he sure did love that fry! Of course, he’s still on the boob (free milk! score!), but giving him real food is so much fun, too.

All of you know my obsession with the cloth… cloth diapers! I love ’em. Keep wanting to buy more… even though in all reality I probably have enough. From day 1 the cloth has been more for my benefit than John’s. He couldn’t have cared less if he was wrapped in cotton or whatever-the-hell-they-make-sposies-out-of. That’s changing, I think. He frequently tries to rip off the disposables (he had a WICKED rash going on, had to ditch the cloth in attempt to cure it with creams).

imma pull it off, then roll away so fast you wont catch me!

picking what he wants next

isnt this how youre SUPPOSED to wear it, mommy?

Well, along with my diaper obsession, I’ve got a new one! Oh happy day! Joy! My husband is so thrilled baffled…



That’s right folks, I’m obsessed. I had that Moby that I tried to use for forever. Since there are newborn carries, I tried from when he was just a few days old. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at it. We also have the Infantino Flip, which I still use (mostly while shopping)… but I want more. I want options! I want variety! So, shopping at Marshall’s one rainy Saturday, I founded an Infantino Eco-Sash on pretty good clearance. Bought it. And actually do like it (although I’ve been told its a kind of crappy version of a mei tei, not a good one).

i carry him all day anyway, why not in a carrier?

Now, I have a fairly extensive (& pricey *boo*) wish list of carriers I want next. Is it Christmas yet?! Please?!

One last thing – the most important news update!

2 days ago, my (amazingly awesome) husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Yes, folks, we’ve been married 1 year (well, kind of 367 days now, and kind of 361 days – it just depends on how you define married hahahahahaha). And every day, I’m a little more in love with him. Michael, thanks for waiting for me. Sometimes I don’t know how you put up with me, or why you waited, but I’m so thankful that you did/do. You are the most wonderful man on this planet.

i love you


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