Posted by: Katie | October 27, 2011

it wasn’t really THAT bad

Fall Break, the wonderful realm of vacation time! My mom, Jerry, John & I packed up and headed to Williamsburg, VA for a week. And I’m going to flat out say it: while vacation is fun, I am never, ever, ever going on vacation with my children but WITHOUT my husband ever again. I will take ALL my boys, and I will gladly leave all my boys, but never again will I take the kids solo. Its exhausting!

kiddos hanging out together watching the telly

I kept a little “note” on my phone of some highlights from the trip:

Friday: In the middle of Nowhere, TN Jerry decided he had to pee. With no rest area, exit into a town, or even safe shoulder to pull over on. Guess what folks? I’m now the proud mommy of a boy who has learned how to pee in a cup while we are driving down the interstate.

Saturday: This was the day of epic, mind-boggling diaper blowout #1. Seriously, I wanted to cry! We pulled into an Arby’s for lunch, and the best I could do was strip the baby at the car, and then bring him inside for the cleanup since it was super duper cold outside. Only… this Arby’s didn’t have a changing station. I hope they have a lot of Clorox, because that baby butt (and back, and stomach, and legs, and arms, and back-of-the-head) was wiped down on a table in the dining area. Gross? Yeah. But it had to be done.

baby poop is runny and spreads everywhere

Sunday: This was a big day. I had apple cinnamon Pop Tarts for breakfast (mmm), and for once in my life I actually heated them up. So who grabs it out of my hand? And gets piping hot, gooey, sticky Pop Tart filling all over HIS hand? Baby John. Poor boy was screaming in pain. And then, after we get all that dealt with -don’t worry, no permanent damage was done, he didn’t even blister- there was the little matter of yet another leaking, dripping runny poop diaper. After THAT was dealt with, we headed to Busch Gardens for some fun! Fun for everyone but the poor baby (its become a refrain): walking around with John in the carrier, I stopped under a tree to take mom’s purse so she and Jerry could ride the Loch Ness Monster. Guess what? Some sort of nut or something fell out of that tree and popped John by the eye. Black eye baby. But, on a happier note, it was there that Jerry lost another tooth. My big boy is an anti-vampire now!

he liked grossing me out with the dangling nerve - ICKY

Monday: Surprisingly, not much happened Monday.

Tuesday: After a long day at Colonial Williamsburg, we were hurrying to get to the bus stop and go back to the hotel. Mom was pushing John in his brand-spanking-new umbrella stroller, when all of a sudden he started screaming. The high-pitched, wailing, “I’m in serious pain” screaming. Pebbled had popped up and smacked him all over the face, bruising up his forehead. Poor baby – again!

Wednesday: Due to rain, all we did was eat and shop at the outlet mall. We got some fun loot and had Ben & Jerry’s. Mmm!

Thursday: Back at Colonial Williamsburg. Midafternoon John conked out in the onbu. Since Jerry and I weren’t interested in watching some reenactment going on that Mom wanted to see, I took the kiddos on a tour of a famous tavern. That place was actually my favorite part of C.W. There was so much awesome information! Unfortunately, when the tour was over and baby J woke up, I found a lovely surprise awaiting me in the onbu. Specifically, in the diaper on the baby in the onbu. Yes, ANOTHER massive blowout. And when its bad people, its BAD! I had the (non)pleasure of scooping poop out of my son’s bellybutton. And I hope to never do that again.

penguin on my back

Friday: We had planned on spending all day at Busch Gardens again. There were still roller coasters (hello, Apollo’s Chariot) that we hadn’t been on yet. But when we all got cleaned up, fed and ready to go, mom’s car wouldn’t start. The car that she made a special trip to the shop to make sure was in perfect condition for the trip. Yeah, so after a long wait, the car people show up but brought the wrong replacement battery! So, we get a jump and head to Toyota, spend a while there, and finally got on the road. The rest of the day was awesome. Rides, rides and more rides! But it did put a damper on the whole day 😦

So, that was our fun trip. And really, it WAS a fun trip! But… it was long and tempers got short. I wonder what’s going to happen Spring Break? Hopefully, it wont involve as much poop. I’m really sick of that sh*t.


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