Posted by: Katie | December 2, 2011

are there support groups for this?

My mommy got a brand-spanking-new iPhone about a month ago. And immediately Michael & I took it and started adding apps. Facebook was first, then… Words With Friends. Digital Scrabble you can play anywhere, at any time. I started a game with Mom, I lazing about on the couch and her relaxing in the recliner about 2 feet away from me. After an hour or so of WWF gaming, Mom started complaining about how she wanted to go home.

“Why don’t you?” I asked.
“I want to be able to finish this game!” comes her reply.
“Mom. You can go home and still play. Hell, you can go home, ignore the game for a week, then make a move like the time never passed!”

That was then. Now, I get nagging texts reading “aren’t you going to finish? are you going to make a move?”

It’s official. My mommy is addicted to Words With Friends. See the evidence:



And, just cos it makes me smile:



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