Posted by: Katie | May 25, 2012

don’t let the bedbugs bite

For anyone who has listened to me wail and whine and gnash my teeth over John’s abysmal sleep habits, you will be as pleasantly surprised as I have over the past couple of weeks… There have been nights we put John in his crib and he
1) stayed asleep going into the crib!!
2) stayed asleep in the crib longer than an hour!!!

Just last night, John slept for over SIX HOURS in his crib, before waking up and crying for us. The next couple of hours were spent safely with mommy and daddy.

Unfortunately, tonight, a night I have so many things to do, John is not feeling the sleep love. He spent less than 30 minutes in his crib before:


Over the next couple of hours, he thrashed about, curling up then sprawling about, rolling this way and that, until:


When he woke up (because a baby can’t get 6 solid hours of sleep every night, dontcha know?), it took some serious cuddles for baby J to get back to sleep… only for his to suddenly whimper, whimper, SCREAM-LIKE-CRAZY, whimper, whine. What can a baby possible have nightmares about? Unfortunately, possibly tiger girls. But that’s a different story…

Hopefully, I’m off to dreamland – and hopefully I don’t now have a goose egg to match John’s, seeing as he headbutted me rather forcefully during the nightmarish thrashing…


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