Posted by: Katie | June 1, 2012

by plane, train or automobile

Saturday morning, May 26, my mom, Jerry, John & I loaded up our carry-on bags and bummed a ride to the airport from our awesome neighbor. We were going to DISNEY, baby! I guess it all went pretty smooth through check-in and security (no lines! *gasp*), and then all that was left was finding me some coffee and waiting for the flight.

Although… on the way to our gate, I happened to look down at Jerry’s feet, and what did I see?


One sock. My 9 year old is a one-sock-wonder…
Me: Jerry, are you wearing only ONE sock?
Jerry: Yeah…
Me: WHY?!?!!
Jerry: Hey, you know what they say! One sock is better than none!

The flight (MEM to ATL) was very uneventful. Jerry played his DS when allowed, but put it away and pulled out a book when told to. John actually fell asleep right before take off, so I had some free time to sit and play Plants vs. Zombies (don’t judge – you have some silly little harmless addiction too!).

By the time we got to Atlanta, John was awake and just wanted to play. Unfortunately, he just needed to be confined. Magnetic drawing for the win!


My totally-gets-babies-&-kids-way-better-than-I sister-in-law got this neato toy for John’s baptism gift. He is in love. Seriously, this thing makes for hours of entertainment! So, John was entertained until we got settled at our gate (it was a 2 hour layover – blah!), then we released him and I followed the junior explorer.

Our flight from ATL to MCO wasn’t as uneventful – John stayed awake, and became quite violent (I have a pretty big bruise on my arm where he actually BIT me!), but never fussy or loud. So there’s that, at least. And at last, we were in Orlando, ready for Disney, and OH SO ready to be reunited with my dear, darling, amazing husband…

More to come… when I don’t have to hurry to get to the Magic Kingdom!



  1. Awww…geez…shucks. Thanks, but I don’t get kids/babies better. I just have an insane one at home who is genetically disposition to be much like his cousin, John. So, as many before me have said, “been there, done that!”

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