Posted by: Katie | July 31, 2012

the nose knows

Sometimes, cliches are truth – such as, it’s the little things in life that make us happy… or proud of our kids.

John and I were playing, and he rolled around until he was flat on his back. Looking down at him, I saw a booger in his right nostril. I laughed and said, “Boy, you have a big ole booger in your nose!”

He almost immediately raised his left hand and stuck that little pointer finger right into his left nostril. I laughed again, and told him, “Wrong side silly!” (expecting that it was a fluke, a random coincidence that he would pick his nose at.that.moment)

So…. John pulled his finger out of his nostril, raised his RIGHT hand and shoved THAT pointer finger in his right nostril!

And the saddest part about all of this is even while I laughed at the icky nose picking (I am “picking” my battles and not fighting him on this one – yet), I was just so darned proud of my little boy, for knowing boogers are in noses, and what I meant by ‘wrong side’.


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