Posted by: Katie | August 16, 2012

breakfast of champions

I woke up with the onset of a cold this morning. Stuffy nose, sore throat, sore eyeballs (& why do my eyes always hurt when I’m sick?), and a touch of nausea. Thanks, Jerry, for giving me love and a cold…

So, it turned out that the only food I could eat that didn’t make me want to hurl like after a frat party was Cheerios. Ah, wholesome, fun Cheerios. So after I let baby J nosh on some strawberries and grapes (for variety, kids need variety), I loaded up a couple bowls of Cheerios – one for each of us – and we trekked upstairs where I could lounge on the chair in John’s room in sick person misery and he could do pretty much whatever he wanted.


I was sitting there, eating my Cheerios from my bowl in my lap, when John brought his bowl over and set it down next to me. He then proceeded to scoop all of MY Cheerios from my bowl, and put them all in HIS bowl. He then took my empty bowl, placed it on the ground, and proceeded to scoop ALL of our Cheerios into MY bowl… and when he finished that little job, he cheerfully handed me HIS empty bowl, grabbed MY now full bowl, and booked it to his closet, where he ate, & ate, & ate…

At one point, he brought a handful of Cheerios to me, hand outstretched like he was taking pity on his poor, sick, hungry mother, but when I reached for them, he shoved them all in his mouth. Little piggy brat…

(gratuitous product review :: the gyro bowl sucks! i bought it because it looked cool, not because i believed for one second my kids wouldn’t be able to dump the contents… and i was right. sure, i can keep food in, even when holding it “sideways” by the handle – but a toddler is more skilled at mess-making than a mommy. so buy one if you like the looks, but expect to be cleaning up ((insert food of your choice)) for days to come)


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