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extra, extra, read all the rambles

I haven’t really been blogging – almost 20 days since last I let you into my world. That’s okay, if you’re important enough you probably already know what’s been going on in my world!

Things have actually been kind of crazy around here. We’ve had some troubles with the firstborn – temper, temper! Jealousy is an ugly beast, but I think we’ve pounded it into his thick skull that we do love him, and we are proud of him! Check this awesomeness out:

yup - that's a better than perfect score

i was winning most of the game, then he kicked my arse

So, in other news: I’ve been cooking lately. Not really very well, and not particularly healthy things… or things that my husband particularly likes, either. But, amazing man that he is, he eats it anyway. Without making vomit faces. And tells me how great it is, and how much he loves me. Seriously, the man deserves an Oscar.

lady & sons chicken

stuffed cabbage rolls on a sauerkraut bed

I finally remembered to snap a few pictures of baby J eating. He looooves apples! He could just chew, and chew, and gnaw all day long on apples.

which one?! they both look sooo good!

nom, nom, nom

Of course, he hasn’t just had apples. Toasted cheese is still a favorite, as are zucchini, mango, broccoli, and (don’t judge me, I promise I do make him eat healthy – see previous listings!!!) Chick-fil-A french fries. We only did it once, so we could eat in peace. And I wont do it again… for a while… but he sure did love that fry! Of course, he’s still on the boob (free milk! score!), but giving him real food is so much fun, too.

All of you know my obsession with the cloth… cloth diapers! I love ’em. Keep wanting to buy more… even though in all reality I probably have enough. From day 1 the cloth has been more for my benefit than John’s. He couldn’t have cared less if he was wrapped in cotton or whatever-the-hell-they-make-sposies-out-of. That’s changing, I think. He frequently tries to rip off the disposables (he had a WICKED rash going on, had to ditch the cloth in attempt to cure it with creams).

imma pull it off, then roll away so fast you wont catch me!

picking what he wants next

isnt this how youre SUPPOSED to wear it, mommy?

Well, along with my diaper obsession, I’ve got a new one! Oh happy day! Joy! My husband is so thrilled baffled…



That’s right folks, I’m obsessed. I had that Moby that I tried to use for forever. Since there are newborn carries, I tried from when he was just a few days old. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at it. We also have the Infantino Flip, which I still use (mostly while shopping)… but I want more. I want options! I want variety! So, shopping at Marshall’s one rainy Saturday, I founded an Infantino Eco-Sash on pretty good clearance. Bought it. And actually do like it (although I’ve been told its a kind of crappy version of a mei tei, not a good one).

i carry him all day anyway, why not in a carrier?

Now, I have a fairly extensive (& pricey *boo*) wish list of carriers I want next. Is it Christmas yet?! Please?!

One last thing – the most important news update!

2 days ago, my (amazingly awesome) husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Yes, folks, we’ve been married 1 year (well, kind of 367 days now, and kind of 361 days – it just depends on how you define married hahahahahaha). And every day, I’m a little more in love with him. Michael, thanks for waiting for me. Sometimes I don’t know how you put up with me, or why you waited, but I’m so thankful that you did/do. You are the most wonderful man on this planet.

i love you

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six of one, half dozen of the other

a few weeks ago - love this picture

dude... im awesome

I want to be all maudlin, and sniffle and cry about how my baby boy is becoming a big boy because he is SIX MONTHS OLD now (yes, for 6 months -and a day- the world has seen baby J’s beautiful face)… but it sure is hard to look at John and call him such a big boy when all I have to do is turn my head a bit more and see my 8 year old -really- big boy.

big and small

Nahhh, its not that hard. My baby is half-way done with being a baby! (((big gulping sobs)))

Okay, got that over with! Yesterday was John’s 6 month date, his “half birthday,” whatever you want to call it. Since I was holding out for the real solids, as opposed to the mushed up (fake? hahaha) solids, yesterday was baby J’s first real, honest-to-goodness MEAL! As opposed to a nibble here and a taste there of some yummy goodness — such as mango. Mmm, I have one of them in the kitchen! Me want mango now — Well… Yesterday baby J got to eat, sitting in the high chair, at the table with all the big people. Toasted cheese, num num! And it was a big hit, he didn’t want to give it up. At the time, I wasn’t so sure he was even eating ANY of it (I thought he was just gumming it up and spitting out the big hunks), but with the massive amounts of wheat bread flecks I’m finding in his diapers: yes, he ate the toasted cheese. I really wish we had pictures, but alas. Bad mommy strikes again.


Today, he got to go to the doctor and get jabbed with some needles. First, they did the measurements. My big boy is pretty darn big! He’s a great 16 pounds & 10 ounces. Which means he’s actually dropped down a bit, to under the 50%. Considered the state of his CHUNKER thunder thighs, I don’t really think I need to worry that this means he is wasting away! Being the bad mommy that I am, I completely didn’t ask how long he is, or head circumference or anything like that. So we’ll pretend he’s totally average for all that.

still waitin'

Then came the needles. 2 shots, 1 thigh. The first one went in, his eyes got real big. The second one went in, and John started crying. For about 5 seconds. Then he was all snuggles again. I’m so proud of him! And he has a cool Sesame Street band-aid to help make it all better!

oscar rocks!

And thus, we wind up at home just hangin’ out… waiting for Daddy to get home! Then comes the J-man! If mommy gets really bored, she’ll take more pictures & video of mr. mobile and do some more blogging…

come here, you!

i wanna sink my teeth into a good book

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catbirdbaby – how can i not love it?

Sometimes I get in a… hmm… habit? no, no… fix? nope, not that… routine? oh well, I’ll think of a word later!). Sometimes I compulsively enter giveaways over and over, to the full extent allowed, as long as I can… then I stop. No giveaways, no blogs, nothing. And then we start again. So! Here we go again:

Mommy and Me Giveaways is hosting a whole SLEW of giveaways (some of which I’ve entered and NOT WON!). And right now they have this kick-ass mei tei giveaway going on.

mei tei

I want it. I was told to “stop being a wussy” by a baby-wearing expert, and stop relying on buckles and snaps to hold my baby up… which is hard for me. I have these awesome friends who (even if they hopefully had coupons or found it on sale) spent a ton of money to buy me a Moby wrap, and I couldn’t do it. Never ONCE did I get that boy in there securely and comfortably. So I’ve been stuck with the suck-ass Infantino (I don’t like the Infantino Flip – free review from a non-expert), and my Munchkin sling. The sling is pretty cool, but using only one shoulder it does eventually hurt.

Sorry! All this rambling basically boils down to – you guessed it – an extra entry into the giveaway for yours truly.

And maybe, just maybe… I wont need to win.





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rinse & repeat… & repeat… & repeat

I don’t even really have anything profound to say, but I’ve been reminded a few times lately that I’m slacking (honestly, is ANYONE surprised at that?!), so I figured it was time for an update.

My life is the same, day after day, after day, after day… Wake up, feed baby, make bubba go to school, deal with baby, half-ass clean the house, help with homework (I HATE 3rd grade and 3rd grade homework!!!), eat, sleep. Repeat the following day.


this is a test that will probably fail

I gotta refresh my HTML skill. I’m fairly certain I just screwed up that picture. Time to check and then play with this post…

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the painted ponies go up and down

on the road again - coming home

So, we’ve been back for a week. Getting back in the routine of things, cleaning house (we kind of left it a mess), finishing up (okay, starting) back to school shopping… So much seems to be going on!

back to school babywearing 🙂 he's totally "c'mon, seriously, the camera again? lady, you're obsessed"

baby j, jerry and davey

I’m a bit sad. That’s my bestest friend’s little boy in the back seat, far right. They just packed up and moved down somewhere in bum-f*ck Mississippi. Left me. How could she?! Okay, so Lisa is going to college, to get a great job, support herself and her son, further her education, all that crap. But she left me! Grumble.

saturday, i had the whole day to myself! only had to see the boys if i wanted to (or baby j needed to eat)!it was AWESOME

In much happier news, baby J is sitting up great now. He’s been trying for months, started being able to for a few moments at a time a while back, and now he can sit and play. Its definitely too cute!

playing with blocks in his awesome tiger diaper

It kind of makes me sad that I’m so damned lazy, though. I never really wrote down any of Jerry’s milestones. I didn’t keep his teeth. I think I might have a lock of hair from his first haircut somewhere, but probably not. Hell, I can’t even remember how long he was at birth (Michael keeps telling me, and I keep forgetting). So, of course, if 8 years ago I had had an outlet like this, I might remember when he sat up, or got his first tooth, or rolled over, or whatever. Oh well, sorry firstborn. Mommy lives and learns!

I’m able to sit here and type this up, speaking of firstborn, because baby J is napping, and Jerry is… dun dun dun… AT SCHOOL! Yes folks, here in good ole Shelby County we start classes back up August 8. So my baby who isn’t a baby anymore got on that bright yellow bus and went off to 3rd grade. Can you blame me for feeling a bit old? THIRD GRADE!

crappy picture - he was so excited he wanted to take a "dramatic picture"


I think today I’m not gonna do jack-shyte. Sit around with the baby, maybe read while he naps. I’ll get back to trying to be a good housewife tomorrow.

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After a vacation hiatus of blogging (hey, I threw at least one in there while actually down in NOLA – my smexy iPhone is so cool that there is an app to blog with!), I’m back.

With another one of those those “I’m so cheap and I want free stuff” blog posts…

The very first cloth diaper I ever bought was a white, one-size Charlie Banana. Now, Charlie Banana’s are cool diapers. They fit great, they don’t leak, very trim… and the company is awesome too! It is physically located in China, which immediately turns some people away, but they chose that location for a reason. To promote good work ethic, to lower a carbon footprint. That’s pretty neat now-a-days where everyone just wants to make a buck.

So, Mommy and Me Giveaways is hosting a Charlie Banana giveaway that I’m seriously desperate to win! Go check it out, and send some magic winning dust my way 🙂

sage green charlie banana diaper

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singing in the rain

(let me start by saying im doing this via the wordpress app for iphone & dont necessarily know what im doing lol – might be screwed 6 ways to sunday!)

Baby J has decided that he doesn’t like vacation. I say this because he does things like: we put him down about 8:30 last night (only 30-45 minutes early) because he had not napped all day, and was exhausted. Then at 11:30 he decided to give his peacefully sleeping mommy a heart attack by waking up screaming. Full out “I just had my left leg chopped off” pained shrieking. Totally fine, but it scared me! What scared me more was thinking he had dislocated his shoulder (as some can attest, J-dog & I suffered from nursemaids elbow as infants). He was fine though! Got him back to sleep by 12:30. Then he woke up at 5:45. God, child, do you hate your mommy? I can’t WAIT for my husband to get here!

Well, around 9:30 we were all finally up, showered & ready to head out. Pierre Antoine, mmm! Except it was pouring. Not drizzling, not raining, but pouring.


So we walked to the Quarter in the rain. Mom and J-dog had umbrellas, but I was drenched. Utterly soaked. Good thing 1) the walk isn’t too bad – I have a lousy sense of judgement and distance, but it can’t be MORE than a mile from our hotel to the Quarter, if that – & 2) those omelets are so worth it!



And for dinner we went to Commander’s Palace! Mmm, it was good! Of course, to get there we had to walk – in heels! Carrying a baby! In a long dress (which is a problem as my thighs have expanded to the point of pain when they rub against each other – I need bike shorts if I’m gonna keep wearing dresses)! Mom had some shrimp thing. Jerry had a steak, but it was the “kids meal” steak, thus about 3-4oz. He said it was tasty, but kept complaining that the “baby steak” was “too small” hahaha! And I had an orgasm on a plate… err… cheese-stuffed fried rabbit. Omigosh this thing was soooo good I almost wept tears of joy! And then it was followed by Bananas Foster. It totally made up for the lack of sleep, downpour, walking in heels…




Back at the hotel, I put baby J on the bed, took off his diaper and went to get a clean one, plus jammies. Turned back around and he had scooted backwards to the edge of the bed and was literally going over the edge that very second. I sprinted across the room and dove to catch him. Caught him! No falling for the baby, THANK GOD! But I now have rug burn BAD on my knee, a bit down my shin, and bad on my ankle.

Worth it though!

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dang nab it learning curve

I love New Orleans! I love the history, the architecture, the people… I do hate the smell though, haha! We went to Cafe du Monde yesterday for our first full day here. Baby J discovered that he loves powdered sugar!


So New Orleans is a city with a lot to love – except the rank garbage smell of course… AND… The STENCH of J-dog’s feet.


Seriously, you can smell this bad boys from -ahaha- feet away! And I threw up a bit smelling them. No joke! Baby J just gets this stunned look. I worry that I’m harming my infants development. Because honestly, if Army R&D could harness those feet, forget the Geneva Convention – they would have the perfect biological weapons!

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nature red in tooth and claw

Yesterday {July 24, 2011} was a fairly important day in the life of baby J. Yesterday was the day that his first sharp little tooth began poking its sharp little edge out from his beautiful, smooth gums. None of us were too terribly impressed with this turn of events. I’m not thrilled about being bitten with teeth (not that I liked being bitten with gums either). Jerry wasn’t too thrilled with the fussiness. Michael was not too thrilled with the slobber – drool city! And baby J wasn’t too thrilled with the pain:

mommy make it stop hurting


Normally baby J wakes up around 6:30… sometimes he will get up about 5:30, eat, and then go back to sleep until  7:30 (I like those days!). So yesterday, he was up at 5:30, but didn’t go back to sleep til about 6:30. He then slept until almost 9:00 (how awesome, right?!). The fun ended there *sniff sniff* John decided the pain was too much, and that he needed to spread the wealth. So no sleep! Seriously, he took a 15 minute catnap around 3:00 in the afternoon. Woke up sobbing – again.

So, after a few hours of constant crying (after nursing, changing, cuddling, rocking, walking, medicating, etc), mommy gave up trying to soothe the baby and decided to take a few more pictures. You know, to chronicle the tears.

i said please make it stop hurting... it still hurts


Daddy came home shortly thereafter. After his snuggles, cuddles, rockings and walkings didn’t work, he said, “Well, how about a car ride? That should make him fall asleep, right?” Great idea, Daddy-O! And it worked, because Michael is just awesome like that! Around 6:00, baby J fell asleep in the car. Michael drove around until about 6:30, then brought John back home. Blissful sleep! How beautiful it is!

asleep in the car seat


Of course, that sleep lasted maybe 5 minutes in the still quiet of the house. So then it was time to break out the sling and indulge in a little baby-wearing. I’m turning into a huge hippie, which I always said I wouldn’t do(!!), but in this case it was totally worth it! Pop that teething boy in that sling, and away we go! Mild fussiness, then back to peaceful calm:

sling snuggles make everything all better


And that was all she wrote. John fell asleep around 8:00, woke up at 9:00 to eat, and then went down for the night. It was a really long day… But so far, for the hour he’s been awake today, John seems to be much happier… Good thing, cos when Mom gets here, we load up for the 6-7 car ride down to NOLA. Oh, joy…..

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oops i did it again

Well, again with a new baby. And thinking it over, this probably isn’t the best blog post to write RIGHT after the photo I tried to post back around 8:00 FINALLY posted… so disclaimer: the photo of Jerry and John on the couch that is up on Facebook was taken yesterday evening, back around 6:00pm. Nothing to do with what follows:

It’s been a crappy week for Jerry. For a few reasons, most of which are personal and shan’t be told so as not to embarrass him. But then today, as we were about to head into Millington for some lunch, I set John down on the couch next to Jerry and asked him to watch the baby as I went to the bathroom to brush my hair.

Guess what happened.

That’s right, baby met floor. And Jerry was devastated. I mean, he looked like he wanted the floor to open up and suck him down to Hell. He was convinced he killed or maimed baby J. It took longer to calm Jerry than it did to soothe John. In fact, it was only when John started smiling at Jerry and reaching for him that Jerry stopped crying.

My poor babies.


Baby J sure looks damaged, huh?

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